Winter Camp 2016

GHS Kolkata organised three 5-day long programmes as part of the Winter Camp at the school premises from 26 December 2016 till 30 December 2016. Following are the details of each of them:


CLICK N GO – Workshop on Photography & Animation

This programme started off with the basics of photography, where students explored the rudimentary guidelines of photography viz. rule of the thirds, leading lines, Point Of View(POV), depth of field, etc.

In the later part of the program, participants used their newly acquired skills to shoot frames for their stop-motion animated movie using point-and-shoot camera. They were demonstrated the different forms of stop-motion animation, e.g. object animation, cut-out animation, claymation and pixilation (using human figures).

Participants created their own story boards and characters for their short films in a remarkably brief period of time. They finally learnt how to edit their animated films, added sound and text to the movies, using Windows Movie Maker.

The students enjoyed the workshop as it was collaborative, task-based, creative and fun-filled.

On the final day, the movies created by the students were shown to the parents, faculty members and fellow students attending the camp.

Total Number of participants in 2 batches: 45

The 4 short animation films created by the students are available here.


SPEAKSMART – Workshop on Public Speaking

SpeakSmart focused on the art of public speaking. Participants attending this workshop worked on their body language and eye contact.  They received insights on the importance of audience, and topic selection tips. Based on that, the students could structure their speech using essential components for every section of the script and include functional language to signpost different stages of the speech. Students explored their creative skills, voice projection techniques, experimented with vocabulary items and a variety of figures of speech.

The students participated in a wide array of fun-filled, collaborative and communicative tasks.

On the final day, few students delivered speeches in front of the audience. The Masters of the Ceremony for the final day programme were also from the students who attended the workshop.

Total Number of participants in 2 batches: 51


AMATEUR TO AUTHOR – Workshop on Creative Writing

The workshop was all about exploring and enhancing the creative writing skills of the students.

The students engaged themselves in a series of extremely animated and interactive sessions as they worked in nine groups to create their own little booklets. Each booklet had a collection of various types of poems (Acrostic Poems, Homophone Poems, Sound Poems and Haiku Poems), Short Stories, Crosswords, Jumbled Words as well as an exercise on exploring personal emotions like fear, happiness, sadness and anger. They wrote about incidents in which they experienced these feelings strongly.

The students also designed the book cover, giving each group a team name, logo and a book name. The titles of the poems were graphically represented and the children also tried their hand at adding illustrations to their literary work.

Total Number of participants in 2 batches: 41


Some pictures of all the programmes of the Winter Camp are available here.

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